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Q-Tip live at The Roundhouse, London, 2009 August 5, 2011

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Q-Tip live

Gutted that Q-Tip has cancelled his European tour. Consoling myself with the recording (highlights though, not the full show) made by Gilles Peterson and BBC Radio 1 from his live show in London, 2009.


Mix #8 – The soul of MJ Cole March 14, 2011

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Artwork for Mix #8 - The soul of MJ Cole
First off, apologies for the poncey title, but you know….”MJ Cole”….”soul”….you gotta at least attempt to put them together.

Anyway, there’s a few tribute mixes out there already to MJ Cole, but they seem to feature on his more dancefloor-orientated releases, whereas I wanted to focus on the more soulful stuff (of which there is a lot).

No producer can squeeze out the soul as well as the man in question, and I own four copies of his “Sincere” longplayer from 2000. I’m not entirely sure why, I bought a back-up copy in case I lost the first one, then it mushroomed from there.

Anyway, this is by no means an exhaustive mix…in fact the guy is prolific, so go and search out his albums and other releases (really, if you haven’t got at least “Sincere”, you really should find a big mirror, and take a good, long look at yourself).


1 Goldie / Believe (MJ Cole remix)
2. MJ Cole feat. Niara Scarlett / Honesty
3. Maddslinky feat. Omar /  Special (MJ’s Back To The Future Mix)
4. Box Clever feat. Sarah Garvey / Questions (MJ Cole dubb)
5. MJ Cole / I See
6. Carmen McRae / How Long Has This Been Going On? (MJ Cole remix)
7. Gerideau / Masquerade (MJ Cole remix)
8. MJ Cole / Flava Fever
9. Guy S’Mone /  You’re Mine (MJ Cole dub mix)
10. MJ Cole feat. Elizabeth Troy / Hold Onto Me
11. Elizabeth Troy / Forever Young (MJ Cole mix)
12. Shaun Escoffery / Space Rider (MJ Cole instrumental mix)
13. Shaun Escoffery / Space Rider (MJ Cole vocal mix)
14. MJ Cole feat. Shaun Escoffery / Lost Our Way
15. MJ Cole / Sincere
16. MJ Cole / Sanctuary
17. MJ Cole / Strung Out


Seemingly unreleased Domu mixes January 26, 2011

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Dominic Stanton

Plenty written out there (in a lot more depth and in a more erudite fashion than I could muster) about the decision by Domu (Dominic Stanton from here on in) in 2009 to retire from all-things music, and by the sounds of it, he is not regretting his decision one bit.

Whilst digging out his “Return of The Rogue” CD yesterday for a quick listen, I came across a CDR emblazoned with “Domu unreleased mixes” that triggered a memory. If I remember rightly, I bought a few CD’s from Mr Stanton’s old “Here Comes Treble” label, and received this CDR along with my purchase.

On it, were indeed four unreleased DJ mixes. One of them seems to be a continuous mix of his Rebel Soul From A Deep Galaxy mix CD, and I can’t find any trace of the other three. The Rebel Soul CD seems to be deleted, so hopefully no-one has any objection to this little cheeky upload (do let me know if you do).

Although he’s retired, he’s still receiving royalties – so do show some support by buying some of that amazing back catalogue if you don’t already have it. Also, don’t forget to check out the excellent Nutriot blog for Domu’s website mixes, and some equally excellent Here Comes Treble podcasts.

DOWNLOAD – Domu’s Rebel Soul From A Deep Galaxy mix

01 Earth, Wind & Fire – Live Intro
02 Blaze – I Think Of You (Restless Soul Mix)
03 Dabrye – Won
04 Alex Cortex – CTRL A2
05 Big Bang – Neptune Rising (Volcov Remix)
06 Nadirah Shakoor – Touched My Soul
07 MJ Cole – Wondering Why (Recloose Dub)
08 Rosey – One (Seiji Remix)
09 Nutmeg – State Of Mind
10 Georg Levin – In Your Car
11 Rima – Let It Go (Original)
12 Blakai – Demo
13 Mark De Clive-Lowe – The Way That It Goes
14 Larry Young’s Fuel – Startripper
15 Walt Barr – Turbulent Sky
16 Angela Bofill – People Make The World Go Round
17 Patrice Rushen – What’s The Story
18 Prince Charles And The City Beat Band – In The Streets
19 The Jeff Lorber Fusion – The Samba
20 Flora Purim – Moon Dreams

DOWNLOAD – Domu’s Nuts Are The Fruit of Love mix

No tracklisting

DOWNLOAD – Domu’s Watermelon mix

No tracklisting

DOWNLOAD – Domu’s Orange mix

No tracklisting

Rebel Soul From A Deep Galaxy

Mix #7 – Ursula Rucker tribute mix December 30, 2010

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Ursula Rucker tribute mix

Let’s face it, there’s no excuse to celebrate the genius of Ursula Rucker. However, with a new album out (the first featuring a live band) this is probably a better time than most.

01 Ensemble Du Verre & Ursula Rucker – Just Another Thursday Morning
02 Ursula Rucker – Uh uh
03 4hero feat. Ursula Rucker – Loveless
04 Silent Poets feat. Ursula Rucker – Get Ready (Freeform Arkestra Remix)
05 Ursula Rucker – Rant (Hot In Here)
06 Ursula Rucker – Sol’s Intro
07 Ursula Rucker – Broken
08 Jazzanova feat. Ursula Rucker – Keep Falling
09 Beat Pharmacy feat. Ursula Rucker – Pieces
10 Raw Artistic Soul feat. Ursula Rucker – The Light
11 Ursula Rucker feat. MAD – 7 (Dr Rockit rekiss)
12 4hero feat. Ursula Rucker – The Awakening
13 Kindred The Family Soul feat. Ursula Rucker – We
14 Ursula Rucker – Supa Sista (Modaji Downlow Mix)
15 Ursula Rucker feat. Jazzanova – What A Woman Must Do
16 Ursula Rucker – Womansong
17 Ursula Rucker – Circe (Jazzanova mix)
18 The Roots feat. Ursula Rucker – Return To Innocence Lost

Download mix

Check out the new album She Said here

LTJ Bukem live on Radio 1 Worldwide – 20 July 2000 July 8, 2010

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The man Bukem

After the crash of 2009 (my hard-drive, not the economy), I devoted a little time here and there to try and repopulate the old mixes that have departed these fair shores.

Yesterday, I was focusing on the man Bukem and stumbled upon a Radio 1 Worldwide show featuring LTJ Bukem live @ Bar Rumba in London.  Never seen this before,  so downloaded it and gave it a listen.


Makoto – “Think Twice”
Amalgamation of Sounds – “Batunova Scat”
Lacarno – “Needle Bytes”
Ace of Clubs – “Ace of Clubs”
Big Bud – “Blueberry Muffins”
John Beltran feat. Sol Set – “Aztec Girl”
Underground Crew – “Country Air”
Inner City – Hallelujah
Herbie Hancock – “Wiggle Waggle”
Chad Jackson – ?
Earth Leakage Trip – “Magic Horse”
LTJ Bukem – “Apollo”
LTJ Bukem – “Horizons”


Mix#6 May 20, 2010

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Image and MP3 background for mix#6

01 Ge-Ology / Intro & Love Planet Science
02 Kindred The Family Soul / Rhythm of Life
03 Dwele / Dime Piece
04 J Dilla / Think Twice
05 Ragen Fykes / Love Life
06 Dimlite / Aurora, Stay Close (interlude)
07 Herbert / Addiction
08 Jasper St Company / Smile (smile-apella)
09 Sfere / Lost Tribes of Ibadan (Orixas remix)
10 Natural Self / In The Morning (Paul White remix)
11 Ben Westbeech / Get Closer (Marathon Man remix)
12 Flying Lotus / Camel


Matthew Herbert tribute mix May 20, 2010

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Matthew Herbert

A year or two back, Picko-d produced one of his amazual tribute mixes, the target of his affections this time was the somewhat mad, but most excellent Matthew Herbert.

It had fallen off of his podomatic page, but recently re-upped due to popular demand. Whilst you’re there, check out the Zero7 and Cinematic Orchestra tribute mixes.

Get it while you can

1. Herbert – It’s Only a Reprise
2. Matthew Herbert Big Band – Simple Minds
3. Dr Rockit – Cafe De Flore
4. Herbert – On Reflection
5. Herbert – We’re in Love
6. Matthew Herbert Big Band – Turning Pages
7. Herbert – Those Feelings
8. Rosin Murphy – If We Are In Love [Matthew Herbert’s Lovers mix]
9. Molvaer – Hurry Slowly [Herbert’s Moving mix]
10. Charles Webster – Ready [Herbert’s Steady dub]
11. Oi Va Voi – Refugee [Matthew Herbert Big Band remix]
12. Herbert – The Audience
13. Dzihan and Kamien – Before [Herbert’s After dub]
14. Rosin Murphy – So Into You
15. Herbert – Leave Me Now
16. Herbert – Suddenly
17. Roy Ayers – Touch of Class [Herbert’s Touch of Ass remix]

Mix#5 April 4, 2010

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Image and MP3 background for mix#5

01 Dimlite / This is Embracing (snippet)
02 Atjazz / Love Someone
03 Mark de Clive Lowe / Cosmic Echoes
04 Common / Between Me, You and Liberation
05 Replife / Graduation Day
06 Blackalicious / Make You Feel That Way
07 Towa Tei / LCM
08 Georg Levin / Polar Odyssey
09 Kyoto Jazz Massive / The Dawn Introduction
10 Yesterday’s New Quintet / Sunrays
11 Terry Hunter / Paul’s Pal


Mix#4 January 28, 2010

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01 Erykah Badu / Green Eyes
02 Foreign Exchange / Daykeeper
03 Bilal / Reminisce
04 Makoto / Black On Blue
05 Q Tip / Life Is Better
06 Solar House / Paradise
07 Loose Ends / Hanging On A String (Frankie Knuckes mix)
08 Crystal Waters / Gypsy Woman (Joey Negro mix)


Mix#3 December 30, 2009

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Image and mp3 background for mix#3 from thismixwhatidone

01 LEO37 / Figuresticks
02 Freddie Cruger / Angular
03 Sacha Williamson / Hurricane
04 Venom meets Marco Di Marco / I Miei Ricordi (The Re-Imagination)
05 Lyric L / Ever After (Instrumental)
06 Elias Linn / Rough Field Recording 1
07 Collective Efforts / Intermission
08 Comfort Fit / Astro Dancin
09 Donald Byrd / Lansanna’s Priestess (DJ Spinna rework)
10 Otis Redding / (Sitting on) The Dock Of The Bay