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Mix #8 – The soul of MJ Cole March 14, 2011

Posted by breeny in Mixes.

Artwork for Mix #8 - The soul of MJ Cole
First off, apologies for the poncey title, but you know….”MJ Cole”….”soul”….you gotta at least attempt to put them together.

Anyway, there’s a few tribute mixes out there already to MJ Cole, but they seem to feature on his more dancefloor-orientated releases, whereas I wanted to focus on the more soulful stuff (of which there is a lot).

No producer can squeeze out the soul as well as the man in question, and I own four copies of his “Sincere” longplayer from 2000. I’m not entirely sure why, I bought a back-up copy in case I lost the first one, then it mushroomed from there.

Anyway, this is by no means an exhaustive mix…in fact the guy is prolific, so go and search out his albums and other releases (really, if you haven’t got at least “Sincere”, you really should find a big mirror, and take a good, long look at yourself).


1 Goldie / Believe (MJ Cole remix)
2. MJ Cole feat. Niara Scarlett / Honesty
3. Maddslinky feat. Omar /  Special (MJ’s Back To The Future Mix)
4. Box Clever feat. Sarah Garvey / Questions (MJ Cole dubb)
5. MJ Cole / I See
6. Carmen McRae / How Long Has This Been Going On? (MJ Cole remix)
7. Gerideau / Masquerade (MJ Cole remix)
8. MJ Cole / Flava Fever
9. Guy S’Mone /  You’re Mine (MJ Cole dub mix)
10. MJ Cole feat. Elizabeth Troy / Hold Onto Me
11. Elizabeth Troy / Forever Young (MJ Cole mix)
12. Shaun Escoffery / Space Rider (MJ Cole instrumental mix)
13. Shaun Escoffery / Space Rider (MJ Cole vocal mix)
14. MJ Cole feat. Shaun Escoffery / Lost Our Way
15. MJ Cole / Sincere
16. MJ Cole / Sanctuary
17. MJ Cole / Strung Out



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